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We cut through complexity, empowering businesses to challenge the status quo, create unlimited opportunities – and change the world.

How does Brilino Solutions work?

Committed to help businesses transform significantly, our approach is always aligned to our client's expectations.

How does Brilino Solutions work?

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BRILINO SOLUTIONS is a high end business application development company providing bespoke business solutions for enterprise customers. We specialise in delivering applications involving complex multi-system integrations and provide innovative, commercial solutions, making it easy for you to realise your business goals.

We are a team with 18+ years of experience in delivering mid-sized bespoke applications to large business solutions. Experience of delivering services to various domains enable us to help businesses identify & remediate process issues through appropriate business-IT alignment.

As a Microsoft Partner we actively capitalise on the capabilities provided by Microsoft Technologies. Additionally through expertise on other technologies we deliver effective future-proof integrated solutions.

BRILINO provides expertise in all aspects of a development project from consulting and planning to the management, design, implementation and delivery. We also provide on-going support and infrastructure management.

One team, one mission

At Brilino Solutions, we believe every team member is critical for success. Irrespective of the titles or designations, we are all in it together to get the best for our clients.

Fostering versatility

We are passionate in bringing people together and mentoring them to be the best. Beyond creating effective solutions, we share knowledge & experiences to encourage versatility.

Promoting Innovation

Our Center of Excellence specifically focuses on skills upgrade and empowerment for every team member to promote innovation in everything we do. A regular critical analysis of our processes ensures we keep improvising.


How we succeed?

We want to succeed, both at work and in our personal lives. There is a shared understanding of the common threads that help us be our best, and as we continue to invest in them, we continue to grow.

These are the values that drive our daily decisions, develop our relationships, and guide our strategy:

  • Be sincere
  • Stronger together
  • Expect extraordinary
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Keep it simple
  • Pause and play
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