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Image Description
  • Platform - Dynamic mobile app with access control and data sync with Brilbook.

    Solutions - Additional features to CRM, PMS, EMS, INP, HCM and FAA.
  • Platform - Ability to build portals for external users and share/sync specific data. Enhancements to configurable Approval flows, Process flows and performance optimizations for mail merge and workflows.

    Solutions - Enhancements to the ETO ERP, direct integrations to other services / tools and additional analytics and OOTB reports across all solutions.
  • Platform - Fixes & Performance Optimizations. Enhancements to the Reporting suite.

    Solutions - Initial build for comprehensive Human Capital Management and Finance & Accounting solutions with integrations with Tally, Open books and other accounting & government services.
  • Platform - Fixes & Performance Optimizations.

    Solutions - ERP process optimizations for Made-to-Order and Engineer-To-Order industries in India.
  • Platform - Brilbook admin center sync for instances, upgrades, licensing, etc. Additionally, dynamic OData Web Api and configurable Webhook for Brilbook.

    Solutions - Integrated build with CRM, Project Management, Inventory & Procurement, Production, Quality & Shipment.
  • Platform - Additional features for Queries & Dashboards, performance optimizations & enhanced error-handling for plugins. Initial build for automated and event based workflows.

    Solutions - Enhancements to Inventory & Procurement & build for Production, Quality and Shipment processes.
  • Platform - C# and JS SDKs, performance oiptimizations and upgrades to form-builder.

    Solutions - Enhancements to Project Management & Event Management and initial build for Inventory & Procurement.
  • Platform - Fixes to features and enhancements to APIs, plugin execution performance and UI. Enhancements to the Process flow UX.

    Solutions - Initial builds for Project Management & Event Management.
  • Platform - Additional features including Extensions, Custom Controls, Plugins, Pages, etc. Initial implementation for Process flows.

    Solutions - Common Solution with basic entities required for CRM. Initial CRM build with integrated Marketing, Sales and Service.
  • Platform - Brilbook platform with configurable Database, queries, dashboards, forms, validators, auto sequences, option lists, icons, approval flows etc. Additionally a comprehensive role based access model including field level and application security.