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In Brilbook, general administration, and enhancing UI, processes and security are based on simple configurations.

  • All database changes including new tables, fields, validations & auto-calculations.
  • All custom UI including new forms, dashboards, messages and reports.
  • Custom processes including Workflows, Process Flows, Notification Rules and Business Rules
  • Security settings including Authentication, Users, Roles, Teams, Field-level security, etc.
  • Custom data interfaces including global search, queries, document templates & email templates.


Where additional business logic needs to be written to extend the business process or enhance the UI, the developer can use the C# SDK to write plugins and JS SDK to write form events.

  • Custom functions in C# to be triggered on form events or to create and download a custom document.
  • Custom plugins in C# to be triggered on record events or validate, add more data or perform other operations before or after the record event.
  • Custom code in JavaScript or jQuery to execute form validations, show custom messages and perform custom UI or backend operations.
  • Use C# SDK in other custom applications or integrations platforms to connect to any Brilbook instance and perform data operations.
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Comprehensive Security Model

Brilbook provides configurable Authentication and MFA with a comprehensive security model to enforce record-level and field-level access control.

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) – restricting access to users with specific roles and users in teams with specific roles.
  • Restrict access at row-level i.e. record level or field-level using roles and field security profiles.
  • Easily configure record audit and sharing privileges with simple flags on entity and field levels.
  • Secured access key generation for accessing external apps in the user’s context.
  • Hierarchical role based access with configurable access to dashboards, application menu, form menu, functions, reports and BI dashboards.


Capability to create reports using the report designer with tables, charts, images, etc. and then run the report to generate and download the document in various formats.

  • Create system reports using the report designed and restrict access to all users, specific users and specific roles.
  • User can create personal queries with specific filters and fields as needed.
  • Add charts, widgets or lists of data to the report using the report designer and publish the report to users.
  • Preview, print and export reports as needed.
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Interactive BI Dashboards

Use the intuitive Dashboard Designer alongside the Dashboard Viewer to create fully-configurable dashboards and effortlessly share business intelligence (BI) across your business.

  • Add any data sources as needed including any external data sources for real-time data consumption and analysis.
  • Select from wide range of UI widgets like Chart, Pivot Table, Data Card, Gauge, TreeMap, Map, Grid or simple Filter elements and drop data fields onto corresponding arguments, values, and series.

Actionable Dashboards

Provide daily actionable intelligence to your team through context specific dashboards with various widgets like lists, charts, tiles, etc.

  • Ability to have role-based system dashboards or user can create personal dashboards as necessary.
  • Select from 12 different chart types like Area, Bar, Funnel, Financial, Line, Pie, etc. and 25 different chart sub types like Stacked, Step, Spline, WinLoss, etc.
  • Export, zoom and hover for additional details on data points.
  • Click on widget to navigate to underlying data or the specific record.
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Queries & Global Search

View list of filtered records with different field combinations using queries. Configure specific data entities for global search to allow users to quick find records or keywords across all data.

  • System queries could be created with role-based restricted access.
  • Users can create personal queries as needed and even use them in their personal dashboards.
  • Query module allows creation of queries with multiple filters, relationships, columns/fields and sort order.
  • Global search allows users to search for any keyword to fetch list of matching records from the configured entities and fields.

Calendar & Activities

Create & track all activities like calls, meetings, tasks and any custom activities directly from the calendar.

  • Customizers can create new custom activity entities and select if the records should be visible on the calendar.
  • All users have access to the Calendar and can create and track activities directly from the calendar.
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Create, configure and use Document, Email, Message and Import templates for any data entity.

  • Document templates can be created a word templates and configured against specific primary entity to download the document in word or pdf format directly from the entity record.
  • Email templates can be created and used to help generate the email content dynamically while sending emails automatically or manually.
  • Similarly message templates help generate the message content dynamically to send as an SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Import templates are used to import rows from excel sheets directly as records into Brilbook. Import templates help map excel columns to the entity fields.

Email & Messaging

Configure email, sms and messenger settings for your business and use the manual or automated relay capabilities of Brilbook to send properly formatted communication.

  • Customise consistent communication with Email & Message templates.
  • Integrate with major email, message, whatsapp and messenger services.
  • Inbuilt email and message relay services with retry.
  • Schedule bulk emails and messages as per needs.
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Process Flows

Enable your team to visualize each subsequent step that your team goes through when working towards a goal. Process Flows guide users towards consistent approach to data & process.

  • Configurable one or multiple process flows for any data entity.
  • Configurable data checks and backend operations on each step of the flow.
  • Restrict access to process flows based on roles.
  • Configurable multi-entity process flows to guide the user across different data.

Record Notifications & Business Rules

Configurable user record notifications, system notifications, approval flows and business rules.

  • Business Rules to verify and validate data before it is submitted and processed.
  • User marked Record notifications to notify user when the record is updated.
  • Configurable system notifications to generate app or email notifications based on certain business logic.
  • Configurable approval flows which can be easily configured for specific data entity, users or teams.
  • Configurable multi-level, sequential or simultaneous approvals.
  • Configurable approval cancellation and record update options with specific fields and values.
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