Fast. Flexible. Secured.
Business Automations

"Simplifying & organizing your business data & processes to enhance your business end-to-end."

Brilino Solutions - Micorsoft Partner
Application Platform
Utilise a Modern, Secured, Configurable, Customisable & Scalable web application platform.
Brilino Solutions - Dynamics 365 experts
Out-of-the-box Solutions
Easily plug-n-play standard industry specific solutions covering your business processes.
Brilino Solutions - Brilbook
Configure and Customise the platform, the solutions or any of the processess as fit for your business.
Brilino Solutions - Advisory Services
Utilise in-built integrations with your other applications or easily confugure new ones as needed.
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One platform for an integrated & effective business.

Brilbook provides a secured, robust and scalable web platform with set of smart business solutions to help businesses automate and optimize their processes or the entire business end-to end.

  • Break down the silos between your business processes and applications.
  • Connect data, drive intelligent decisions and optimise operations.
  • Work seamlessly together across all functions of your business.
  • Start with what you need and simply add solutions as your business grows.
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Empowering businesses to success 🎉👋

Realise significant benefits instantly and continually.

Brilbook helps to:
  • Add value faster

    Quickly deliver value using out of the box solutions.

  • Break the barriers

    Integrate with other systems and access data, documents and insights from anywhere.

  • Adapt rapidly

    Customise quickly with low code / no-code approach to deliver business change.

  • Reduce cost significantly

    Significantly low customisation and maintenance cost with continuous updates & upgrades.

  • Continually Improvise

    Quickly turn ideas into realities by adding new processess, data & users to Brilbook.

  • Ensure data security

    Secured application & data store with control over hosting ensure data security.

Brilbook Features

We believe in continually innovating and adding new features to the Brilbook Platform's existing comprehensive suite of features.
And we are particularly proud that each of the following capabilities are configurable and customisable for any new custom modules as well.

Our team is committed to conducting business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. We are open and honest and we keep our customers informed about what matters to them.

Our key target is customer success rather than just acquisition and hence we work with our customers through every step of the process and beyond to achieve the best..

Whether its hosting, end-to-end setup, training or any issues, we have got you covered. Our dedicated support team takes responsibility and proactively resolves any problems.

With a team made up of senior caliber, extensively experienced business professionals who have delivered high profile projects in various sectors, we add significant value for customers via technology. Innovation & Excellence in everything we do.

We treat your data responsibly just like we treat our own by choosing an approach which proactively safeguards all your information. No hidden agendas and no sharing of any data.

Our motto is “security-first” and we ensure this by encrypting and securing all data in transit and at rest. We control our server stack and apply & continually update all security configurations in-line with best industry standards.

It's all about quality & effectiveness...

Business acceptance of the delivery using agile has been the key to ensure all our clients are happy.

We ensure continued learning, innovation, use of latest technologies and focus on quality.

It makes us proud to state that almost all our clients have partnered with us for all their upcoming IT requirements.

  • 100%

    project success & happy clients

  • 74%

    immediate ROI from the delivered solutions

  • 43%

    decrease in operational costs due to the solutions

  • 90%+

    quality rating & client retention