Support Partner Terms

Last modified: June 01, 2023

Qualifications and Certifications

Support Functions

Support Partners should have roles that support the following functions:

  1. L1 and L2 support for Brilbook Services
  2. L3 support for customizations on Brilbook Services
  3. Trainings on Brilbook Services
  4. Ticket Management
  5. Support Management

A dedicated headcount for each function is not required as employees that support multiple functions will be considered.

Minimum Training Requirements

Support Partners must have at least two persons that have completed the Brilbook Technical Basics certification, at least two persons that have completed the Brilbook Technical Developer certification and at least two persons that have completed the Brilbook Technical Support certification. New Partners have up to three (3) months to complete the training. All Support Partners are responsible for ensuring they maintain the required training and that any certifications are current. Partners are expected to recertify their resources prior to an expiration of a certification. Once a certification has expired the Partner must complete a new certification within 30 days. If Partner loses a certification due to attrition, the Partner must complete a new certification within 90 days of hiring a replacement resource.

L1, L2 & L3 Support

Support Partners are required to provide L1 & L2 support. LI support is responsible to gather the Channel Partner Account’s information and L2 support is responsible to determine the Channel Partner Account’s issue by analysing the symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem. Only Brilbook product related issues will be escalated to Brilino Solutions. The L3 support is responsible for resolving any issue related to any custom implementations on Brilbook.


Support Partners are eligible to purchase additional Brilbook L3 Support Services at a discount off of Brilino Solutions’s list price for the express purpose to use the credits for Partner Account’s support. Support Partners are free to establish their own pricing for Brilbook Support with their customers. The amount of the discount is based on volume of support service packages purchased in addition to the base discount rate applied for Partners.


Upon termination of this Agreement, a Support Partner’s customers shall continue to be able to access and use the Brilbook Service for the duration of the term of their license. Upon termination of this Agreement, Brilino Solutions may, in its discretion, contact the Support Partner’s customers directly to convert such customers to direct customers of Brilino Solutions.