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Data Privacy
Yes, you own your data at all times. You can export data from Brilbook or even request regular data extracts. The data stays secured and only accessible to you during the active contract and is purged after a proper handover if the contract expires or is cancelled.
If you select Unmanaged subscription then the Brilbook instance is hosted on server owned by you and hence the infrastructure and data is completely in your control. If you select the Managed subscription we host your application on a completely secured server either on Azure, AWS, GCP or OVH i.e. world-class data centers managed by leading cloud providers.
None of our teams have access to your applications or data. We ensure this as part of our strict protocols. The Brilbook support team only gets temporary access to the application through a secured window if a reported issue needs to be diagnosed. Where possible we diagnose any issues on a separate trial environment instead of your production environment.
Servers hosting Brilbook are secured with Firewall (Hardware & Software) and Antimalware. Additionally to proactively track & repel DDOS and other attacks, the provider has comprehensive built-in protection covering not only the servers but also other network components.

Other measures include setting strict access policies, encryption of data through network and on the server and regular log monitoring.
The Brilbook application comes with a comprehensive security model including a robust RBAC (Role Based Access Control).

Additionally it integrates with authentication providers like Azure, Google & Microsoft and also works with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).
The Brilbook data is stored in an encrypted SQL server database. The actual storage medium where the database files are stored are also encrypted with Bitlocker. Additionally, any data backups created on the server are encrypted with a 2 key encryption ensuring no accidental data leak.
All integration endpoints are secured with 256 bit SSL encryption. Where necessary these encryption is reviewed against any specific requirement for SHA-2 / AES.

The integrations also use a client id and key combination to ensure that no user credentials are ever exposed.
ABrilbook's up-time depends more on the cloud provider's up-time which is why we only use globally trusted cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and OVH. These providers have a proven 99.99% up-time and the best recovery approach.

Additionally, any upgrades to Brilbook are scheduled off-business hours as per the client and any such down-time is duly notified to the client Brilbook Admins in advance.
Any down-time with the Brilbook application or the infrastructure is immediately looked at by our support team and resolved on top priority.

Any critical defects with the application or solution which blocks your team completely from working with Brilbook, is responded to within 24 hours and worked-on immediately by a dedicated application support personnel.

For any other issues / defects with the application or solution, the application support team aims to respond back within 3 working days.
Any issues / defects can be logged by your Brilbook Admins using the Brilbook Admin Center.