Ensuring your success through our proven adoption process.

A very clear step-by-step approach with measurable goals to adoption and ROI.


1. Kick-off

At this first stage of the process we go-through the adoption process with you and help you identify key team members who could own adoption across your teams / business units.

2. Fit-Gap Analysis

Using our proven templates we help you quickly perform fit gap analysis to list all critical configurations & customizations required in Brilbook for your business.

3. Plan

This is where we define a plan specifically for you based on the fit gap analysis. Our motto here is to keep it simple, quick and affordable to you. We assign a dedicated team to ensure success.

4. Optimizations

We configure / customise the Brilbook ETO ERP as per your needs and enable you to perform end-to-end execution cycles across your teams.

5. Data

We use our ETO-specific data formats to quickly gather both configuration and transactional data from all you teams. A dedicated consultant works with your teams to gather, transform, import and verify data.

6. Hands-on

We assign a dedicated consultant to continually provide demos & training through the entire adoption process and help each of your teams to gain hands-on experience of the system for go-live.